How to Create Student Groups

How to create groups add students to groups/classes

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Groups in Legends of Learning are used for assigning students to specific classes, or for assigning students to groups within classes.
The reason to set up groups is so that you can assign assignments to particular groups of students. When doing this, the assignment can be joined only by students in the specific group(s).

NOTE: If assigning activities to student groups, only students signing in with usernames tagged to the assigned group will have access to the assignment. Check out this article if students are struggling to access your assignment that is tagged to groups.

Creating groups is done from your Groups page; click Students & Groups.

Then, click the Groups option.

To set up a group, click +Create Group.

Enter the name of your class or group, select a color for your group, and then click Create.

You can also import your groups and students from Google Classroom using the Import Groups option.

If you are a Co-teacher, you will also see the groups from the primary teacher's account listed on this page. These groups with be listed with an "Owner" name to indicate it is a group from another teacher.

For any group you create, there are a few actions you can take on your Groups page:

  • Edit the group name and color

  • Add students to the group

  • View assignments for the group

  • Delete the group

Ready to add students to your groups? Check out this article for details on how to add students to the groups you have created.

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