Teacher Reward Points: How to Earn Points

How to earn points in Legends of Learning

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There are several ways to earn reward points in Legends of Learning:

  • Refer a friend to Legends of Learning

  • Write a game review

  • Have your students play a Legends of Learning assignment

  • When other teachers use your assignment with their class

To get started, click the Earn & Spend Points option in your left navigation menu.

Then select the Get Points option.

Refer a Friend

For every friend you refer who signs up and creates an assignment played by students, you AND your friend get 10,000 points each!

NOTE: In order to receive points for a referral, you must use the Refer A Friend feature within Legends of Learning. Referrals made any other way will not be honored.

To get started, click the Refer a Friend button.

You can gab your personalized link to refer friends OR simply invite friends by email.

To refer a friend by email, type in the email address(es) of your friends and colleagues. Then, click Send Invite.

They will receive an email inviting them to join Legends of Learning!

To share your referral link on social media, copy the referral link provided in the window and paste it into a post on your preferred social media platform.

You are able to track the progress of your referrals from the Refer a Friend page. A referral is considered "complete" once they have had students play an assignment in Legends of Learning.

You can resend invitations via email using the Resend button.

Write A Review

Game reviews are a huge help to other teachers as well as the game developers. For each game review you write, you get 500 points!

To get started, click the Write a Review button.

On the page that displays, you will see a list of recently assigned games. Click the Write Review button for any game that you have recently assigned.

Provide a star rating for the game (out of 5), complete the game review form, and click the Submit Review button.

You can also find additional games to play and review using the 'Find More Games to Review' link at the bottom of this page.

Let Your Class Play

Every time a student plays an assignment you have created, you get 10 points! And that can add up quickly into big rewards!

Click on the Create an Assignment button to get started creating an assignment for your students.

Check out this article for information on how students start an assignment.

Need help creating an assignment? Check out this article for details on how to create an assignment for your class!

Shared Assignment Joins

After you share your assignments with other teachers, you'll get 100 points when that assignment is launched!

To get started, click the Create Shared Assignment button.

Find the assignment(s) you wish to share with other teachers and click the Share button.

In the window that appears, choose how you would like to share this assignment. You can share the assignment on social media, or you can copy a link to share via email or other means.

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