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How students access your assignment

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After you've assigned activities to your students in Legends of Learning, the next step is for your students to join the assignment. There are various ways that students can access your created assignments, the most common ways are listed below.

Students Joining Using a Direct Link

After you have created an assignment, click on the dropdown menu to access the direct link to your assignment. Copy the provided link to share it with your students.

You can also always easily access your direct assignment links via your assignments page, for more details on how to access the link from this page click here.

Students accessing an assignment via a direct link will automatically be prompted to Sign Up / Log In to their Legends of Learning account to access the assignment after clicking the link.

NOTE: If students receive a 'Not in Group' message when accessing through the direct link, please check that the student is properly placed in the group that the assignment is tagged to.

Students Joining Using a Teacher Code

Providing students with your Teacher Code is another way that students can access your assignments. This code can be found on the top right of your Legends of Learning account (this code is not case-sensitive).

When the assignment is open, have your students navigate to, and click the STUDENT button.

If this is the first time students are playing, direct them to click the orange ‘Sign Up’ button.

Students are provided with the option to sign up using a Google account, or to create a username and password to sign up.

If students already have a Legends of Learning account, they can simply log in with their standard login credentials. Students are provided with the option to log in using a Google account, or to enter their Legends of Learning username and password to log in.

Once students have logged in, if students have joined one of your assignments previously, they will see your name listed on the left side of the screen. Students will need to click on your name in order to see your assignments. 

If this is the first time students are joining your assignment, students will need to enter your Teacher Code and click the plus sign to access your assignments. The next time they log in to Legends of Learning your Teacher Code will be listed on the left of the screen so that they do not need to type it in again.

Once the assignment is assigned, students can then join by selecting their assignment and pressing START. If you've assigned multiple assignments for students, let students know which one they should join. If students want to continue past assignments they should click CONTINUE.

As students complete the assignments, you are able to track student progress and performance in real-time.

Students Joining Via Google Classroom

If you've imported your students from Google Classroom and assigned the assignment to Google Classroom, it's very simple for students to access!

Students simply need to click the link provided in the assignment in Google Classroom.

From there, they log in using the Google Sign In button and then they are taken directly to the assignment. Here is a video that shows the student login process via Google Classroom.

NOTE: Classlink, Schoology, Canvas, GG4L, and Clever integrations are only available with our school and/or district-level licenses.

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