An understanding of operations, number sense, and fact strategies are essential for students to be successful in math fact mastery. Our Fluency Foundation resources provide teachers with supplemental targeted lesson plans and mini-games that will build the underlying understanding (the counting and deriving phases) that students need to move to the mastery phase of math fact mastery.

If your students are struggling with their 0's and 1's in addition/subtraction or multiplication/division, the Fluency Foundation resources should be used prior to starting students in the Math Fact Mastery portion of Math Basecamp.

Within the Math Basecamp, there are 20 Fluency Foundation resources:

  • 10 Resources for Addition/Subtraction

  • 10 Resources for Multiplication/Division

Each Fluency Foundation resource contains at least two hands-on activities that allow students to explore and solidify their understanding on the concepts of counting and deriving relationships between numbers.

In addition, most Fluency Foundation resources include a Legends of Learning mini-game aligned to the focus skill of the resource.

To access the Fluency Foundation resources, click on "Fluency Foundations" under the blue Math Basecamp heading in the left hand navigation menu.

Then, use the Addition/Subtraction and Multiplication/Division tabs to find resources within the appropriate fact families.

There, you will find specific foundational skills with links to the corresponding lesson plan and/or mini-game.

To assign the mini-game, click the Game button, then select 'Get Link to Game'.

For support on sending a mini-game to students, check out our step-by-step guide here.

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