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Math Basecamp: Fluency Applications
Math Basecamp: Fluency Applications

Use the Applications resources to help support students who have already demonstrated mastery on their math facts.

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Once students have mastered all of their math facts, Basecamp provides a way for them to apply their knowledge. The Applications resources will challenge students to complete activities and games that encourage higher-order critical thinking skills while applying the math facts they have mastered.

Within the Math Basecamp, there are 20 Fluency Applications resources:

  • 10 Resources for Addition/Subtraction

  • 10 Resources for Multiplication/Division

Each Fluency Applications resource contains at least two hands-on activities that allow students to apply their math facts to higher-order problems requiring the use of mathematical reasoning.

In addition, most Fluency Applications resources include a Legends of Learning mini-game aligned to the focus skill of the resource.

To access the Fluency Applications resources, click on "Fluency Applications" under the blue Math Basecamp heading in the left-hand navigation menu.

Then, use the Addition/Subtraction and Multiplication/Division tabs to find resources within the appropriate fact families.

There, you will find specific application skills with links to the corresponding lesson plan and/or mini-game.

To access the lesson plans in Spanish, click on the SPA button and then select the Lesson Plan option.

NOTE: In order for students to receive the game in Spanish, the students must have their language set to Spanish.

To assign the mini-game, click the Game button, then select 'Get Link to Game'.

For support on sending a mini-game to students, check out our step-by-step guide here.

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