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How can I see the beasties in my Squad?
How can I see the beasties in my Squad?

How to see your collected beasties

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To view the collected beasties that are in your Squad, select the Paw icon.

The page will display all the beasties you have collected. You will see beasties in your Squad and all of your other Beastie Friends underneath, as well as the beastie eggs you currently have.

Your Squad are the five beasties that you are able to use in your beastie battles.

You can swap out any of the beasties in your Squad with your Beastie Friends by dragging and dropping them. Changing your beasties will help ensure all of them get a chance to level up in battles.

You can change the order in which the beasties in your Squad battle by dragging your beasties in the order you want them to compete!

Select any of your beasties to see their special essence, attacks, stats, and requirements to train or evolve.

In the Stats section, you will see information about your selected beastie, including their current Power Level.

Want to make your beasties as powerful as possible? Keep using them in battles and watch their levels continue to climb -- up to Level 100!


  • Eggs must be hatched for you to get new beasties. Here is more information on how to get eggs and get new beasties.

  • Check out this article here to find out how to evolve your beasties

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