To edit any of your assigned Awakening focus areas for students, head to the Awakening section within your navigation menu and click on 'Assign Focus Area'.

Find the student you want to edit the focus area(s) for, then click on the 'Focus' button.

On the window that appears, you will see the topic(s) you have assigned for the student.

Remove any of the topics you have assigned by selecting the X icon, or use the search box and add additional topics for students to progress through.

If you have assigned a focus area(s) for Math and Science, you can edit the focus areas for both by toggling between the Math and Science tabs.

After making the necessary edits, you can select either of the Save options to update the assigned focus area(s) for your student.

To edit the focus area for multiple students, select the students for which you would like to edit the focus area using the check boxes next to the student names.

After selecting the students, click on the 'Remove Focus Areas' button.

In the window that appears, search and click on the topic(s) that you would like to remove from the selected students' Awakening progression.

Once you have selected the topic(s) you wish to remove, click on the Save button .

To assign a new focus area for students, select all the student(s) you would like to assign a new focus area for and then select the Add Focus Areas button to assign new focus areas.

For a detailed outline of how to assign focus areas, click here.

NOTE: Changes will be reflected on the student's end automatically the next time they sign in to play Awakening.

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