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Topic Mastery: Standard Progression Data
Topic Mastery: Standard Progression Data
Viewing Awakening Standard Progression Reports
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After adding a child to your parent account, you are able to see data related to your child's mastery of topics in Math and/or Science as they play within Awakening.

To get started with viewing this data, select your child's name, then click on Topic Mastery: Standard Progression.

The report page displayed will automatically default to Math, but you can toggle between the Math or Science tabs to view your child's progression in either subject area.

The report will also default to the grade level that your child is currently playing in, as well as the grade level just below it.

The page will list all the topics your child will encounter in the selected grade level(s) and subject area. Within each topic, you can see indicator icons that reflect your child's status: Mastered, In Progress, or Not Started.

By hovering your mouse over the icons in the Mastery column, you will see:

  • How many beastie battles your child has engaged in for a particular topic

  • How many questions they answered in each battle

  • The percent of questions answered correctly within each beastie battle

Below is a breakdown of each status you will see and their meanings.

  • Mastered - Your child has completed at least one beastie battle and has a thorough understanding of the topic!

  • In Progress - Your child is currently working their way through this topic.

  • Not Started - Your child has not begun this topic yet.

Grade level topics are completed in the order in which they are listed on the Topic Mastery: Standard Progression page.

To customize your view, use the filters at the top of the page. These can help you narrow down the list to find specific standard(s), grade level(s), and topic(s).

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