If a student has forgotten their password, you can reset it for them on the Students page.

First, click on the Students & Groups tab from the left navigation menu.

Find the student for whom you need to reset the password. You can search for the student by name using the search bar.

In the ACTIONS column, click the reset student password button, which is the middle icon in the column.

In the window that pops up, you have two options.

  • Click Allow Student To Reset their Password if you would like students to choose their own password.


  • Type in a New Password that you would like students to use.

Once the password is reset, the button will say either Success or Saved (depending on the option you have selected).

Resetting Multiple Students' Passwords

Using the bulk password reset option, you are able to reset the password of multiple students at once!

Select the checkbox located beside the Last Name column, this will then select all students in your list. Unselect the checkboxes to the left of the student list for any students you do not wish to reset passwords for.

Click the three dots at the top left of the student list.

Select Reset Student Password.

On the confirmation screen, click the Reset Passwords button.

The next time this student joins a Legends of Learning assignment, they will be prompted to enter a new password.

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