Once you build a custom assignment, the next step is to assign it to your students.

To assign a custom assignment from the assignment builder, click the blue “Assign These Activities To Your Students” button to the right of the assignment.

You can also assign an assignment to students from your Assignments page by clicking the Assign icon for any of your assignment drafts.

Next, choose which students you would like to have access to this assignment. 

If you'd like to assign the assignment to all students, just leave All Students in the dropdown. 

If you'd like to assign the assignment to specific groups, choose one or more groups from the dropdown. All students in all selected groups will be assigned the assignment.

Next, give your assignment a name.  Note that students will be able to see the name when they access the assignment.

Lastly, select the dates you would like this assignment to be available to students using the calendar dropdown under the “For This Duration” section.  

NOTE: If you select today as the start date, the assignment will open immediately upon assigning it to students.

Next, select the Assign button.

After clicking Assign, you can also choose to push the assignment directly to Google Classroom using the Send Link to LMS button. 

Once your assignment is assigned and open for students to complete, students will need to join your assignment.

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