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Assigning a Focus Area for Awakening
Assigning a Focus Area for Awakening

How to assign topics to students in Awakening

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Before assigning a focus area, you will need to add students to your Legends of Learning account.

For targeted instruction within Awakening, teachers can now assign focus areas for students! Assigning a focus area in Awakening provides students with fun and impactful learning that can continue happening at home at their own pace. Focus areas can be differentiated per student, allowing for truly personalized learning!

To get started, select the 'Assign Focus Area' option under the Awakening section of the navigation menu.

Once on the Focus Area page, you can search for students by Name, Filter by group, and/or sort by First or Last Name.

To select the focus area(s) for an individual student, click on the box under the Assign Focus section.

To assign the same focus area for multiple students, select the students for which you would like to assign the same focus area using the check boxes next to the student names.

After selecting the students, click on the 'Add Focus Areas' button.

A new screen will appear, select the Math or Science tab to see the available topics to assign. You can toggle between the Math and Science tabs to assign topics under both subject areas.

Then, type in a keyword, topic, or standard code for the topic you wish to assign. You can also use the drop-down menu to browse through the available topics to assign.

Click the focus area to add it to the list of topics your students will be assigned in Awakening. You can select multiple topics under each subject area.

When selecting multiple topics, you have the option to drag and drop topics to further customize your student's progression order. The order in which you place the topics is the order in which your students will have to progress through the topics within Awakening.

After selecting the topic(s) you wish to assign, you can click any of the 'Save' options as shown.

Selecting the 'Save and go to Student Instructions' button will provide you with the step by step instructions on how students get started playing in Awakening. Feel free to print or download the instructions to give to students or parents!


  • Students will experience content related to the assigned focus areas during beastie battles within the Awakening School and Awakening Town.

  • You can assign all students in a group the same focus area by filtering the list by student groups and selecting all students in the group.

  • Focus areas can always be changed or reassigned at your discretion.

  • There is no limit to the number of topics that can be assigned to students at a time.

  • If you assigned both math and science focus areas, students will be prompted to choose what subject they want to focus on when they sign in.

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