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How to assign Math Basecamp Focus Areas
How to assign Math Basecamp Focus Areas

How to assign Math Basecamp Focus Areas for a child(ren)

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If you have purchased an Awakening Adventure Pass for your child, you are able to assign them Math Basecamp content to help them enhance their math fact mastery. The goal of Math Basecamp is to help students master basic math facts and gain automaticity so that they can handle more complex math problems much faster!

To get your child started with Math Basecamp, you must first assign a focus area to your child. Focus areas consist of the operations - addition & subtraction or multiplication & division - that you want students to master.

From within your Parent Portal, click on your child's name.

Then select Edit Account.

On the page displayed, navigate to the Set Math Basecamp Fact Focus field. From the Dropdown menu, select the focus area you would like your child to work on.

After making your selection, click Save Changes.

Your child will then have the option to access the assigned focus area content and begin mastering math facts!

You are able to track your students progress towards mastering these facts from within your Parent Portal. Learn how here!


  • Your child must have an active Adventure Pass subscription in order to assign Math Basecamp Focus Areas to them.

  • Only one set of operations can be assigned at a time (addition & subtraction OR multiplication & division).

  • Wondering what your child will see in Math Basecamp? Check out an overview of the student experience here.

  • Legends of Learning’s Math Basecamp is now iPad-compatible. For details on overall compatibility, click here.

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