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Accessing Your Parent Dashboard
Accessing Your Parent Dashboard

Tracking student progress via the Parent Dashboard

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You can log in or signup for your Parent account at, and then select the Parent role.

In your parent account, you can view a data dashboard that includes a wide range of information about your child's activity within Awakening!

Viewing your Dashboard

Your Parent Dashboard will display when you first log into your parent account. You can navigate back to the Dashboard at any time by clicking HOME from your navigation menu.

On the Dashboard, you can find information about when your child is using Awakening and how often. Beneath your child's profile information, you will see three key pieces of data.

To the far left, you can view your child's last login date, the current topic they are working through within Awakening, and if your child has an active Adventure Pass subscription. If subscribed, you will see specific subscription information to ensure uninterrupted access to the exclusive features within the Awakening.

Awakening Usage

In the middle section of the Dashboard, you are provided with a heat map of your child's Awakening Usage over the past month. Hovering your mouse over any of the purple boxes will provide more details about the date they accessed Awakening and for how long they played. Monitoring your child's Awakening usage is a great way to see how engaged they are and whether they are making progress based on their usage.

Activity Breakdown

To the far right, you will see an overview of your child's engagement in the various activities offered within Awakening. The bar graph provided shows the number of mini-games, beastie battles, Quizzler sessions, and other activities your child has accessed over the last 30 days starting from yesterday's date.

NOTE: Activities categorized under "Other" will include Math Basecamp activities, the time your child spent walking around exploring Awakening, updating their avatars, dancing, etc.

Hovering your mouse over any bar in the graph will provide comprehensive activity data for a specific day. The data displayed will highlight the exact number of activities your child has engaged in on the selected date.

The Parent Dashboard is a great tool that will help you ensure your child is getting the most out of their learning experience while playing Awakening!

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