Legends of Learning: Awakening is our open-ended, student-directed experience where students engage in educational "combat" against enemy beasties. Students are rewarded for answering content-related questions correctly and winning battles.

In the Awakening Town, students can access an Arcade Room to play mini-games to help them brush up on their knowledge before entering into battles. As students move through the town and interact with characters, they will encounter various battles.

Rewards for winning battles include coins that are used to purchase items such as avatar gear and furniture for their house in the town. Additionally, beasties can join a student's squad if defeated in battle.

The Awakening experience is a great way to re-engage students in math and science content. In addition, Awakening offers additional benefits to students, including:

  • Allowing students to engage in productive struggle

  • Allowing students to progress at their own pace until they have mastered the content

  • Providing students with experiences that they would not otherwise have access to in their everyday life

For even more fun and engagement, purchase an Adventure Pass for your child!

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