Awakening Focus Area Reports

How to access data for assigned Awakening Focus Areas.

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To view student performance for any teacher-assigned Awakening focus area, navigate to the Awakening section located in the navigation menu on the left-hand side of your account. Then, click on Reports.

On the Awakening Focus Report page, you will see student performance in real-time for any of the math or science Focus Areas you have assigned.

You can toggle between the Math and Science reports to view data for any of the assigned topics under each subject area.

In the displayed data table, you will see your students and the Focus Area(s) that have been assigned.

Within the data table, status indicators show student performance for each assigned topic:

  • Empty Circles - The student has not yet answered any beastie battle questions in Awakening related to this topic.

  • Partially Filled Circles - The student is in the process of mastering the topic and has started answering beastie battle questions in Awakening related to this topic.

  • Filled Circles - The student has successfully mastered the assigned topic! Students must answer a minimum of 5 questions within a single battle for mastery to be determined. Additionally, students are required to answer at least 70% of the questions correctly within the same battle in order to master the assigned topic.

You can hover your mouse over the Filled and Partially Filled icons to see more detailed data. Hovering over any of these icons will show you the number of questions the student has answered and the percentage of questions they have answered correctly per battle within each topic assigned.

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