Follow the five steps below for the quickest and easiest way to get started with Legends of Learning’s math and science mini-games.

STEP 1: Teacher Sign In / Sign Up

If you’re new to Legends of Learning, sign up for a teacher account here:

If you already have a Legends of Learning account, sign in here:

Your district may already have a Single Sign On integration set up with us (premium users only). If so, use that integration to sign right in to Legends of Learning!

STEP 2: Search For A Topic

Use the search bar located at the top of your Legends of Learning account to find games aligned to what you’re teaching. You can search for a topic, standard code, or game name!

STEP 3: Choose A Game

See a game you like? Click the game tile to find out more information. Read an overview, watch a preview video, review main concepts covered, or even try the game yourself!

Need more information on the types of games we offer? Click here.

STEP 4: Click 'Get Link to Game'

Ready to assign this game to students? Click the ‘Get Link to Game’ button to instantly assign this game to your students. The game will be available for one week.

STEP 5: Let Students Play!

Copy the link provided and send it to your students. Send it via email, post it to Google Classroom, or link it in your LMS. Students will be prompted to sign up or sign in and then they can start the game.

Your district may already have a Single Sign On integration set up with us (premium users only). If so, students should use that integration to sign in to Legends of Learning and then click the link to the game after signing in.

If you prefer to have student rosters set up before assigning your first game, check out this article for information on ways to get students added to your account.

As you get comfortable using Legends of Learning with students, try out some of our more advanced features to level up your assignments:

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