To view the list of all students in your Legends of Learning account, click on Students & Groups and then select Students.

On the Students page, the list that appears contains all students who are rostered to you.

There are a few ways for a student to appear on this list.

  • Students can create their own usernames when signing up to join an assignment that you have assigned.

  • You can import students from your Google Classroom or Canvas account.

  • You can add students manually, with the + Student button.

  • For teachers at partner schools and districts, your account may also be set up with a rostering integration through Canvas, Classlink, or Schoology.

The list is alphabetical according to student last name. You can change the sorting order by clicking the column headers for last name, first name, or username.

If you are a Co-teacher, you will also see the primary teacher's students listed on this page with an indication that the student belongs to the primary teacher.

This page is also where you can assign students to groups.

At the top of the student list are options for importing students from Google Classroom or adding a new student. The TOOLS button can be used to get a CSV file listing each student, username, and student group in your account and to archive all of your students from previous years.

To find a specific student, enter any part of the student's name or username in the search field. The list narrows to include only student names that include that text string. Clearing the search field brings back the entire list.

If you have student groups set up, you can narrow the student list to show only those in specific groups by choosing the group(s) from the filter menu.

The first icon to the right of the student's group is used for deleting individual students from your list. You can also delete multiple students from your account at a time using the bulk delete feature.

The second icon is used to view or edit a student's user details. In this window you can change a student's username, first or last name.


The third icon is used to reset a student's password. You can allow the student to reset their password or can create a password for them.

The last icon to the right of the student name is used to view the student's assignment history.

At the top of the assignment history page are the overall statistics and performance results for that student. Below that are results for each individual assignment. Both the overall and individual results can be downloaded as CSV files.

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