What is the Awakening Town?

What is the Awakening Town and what are the benefits

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Legends of Learning's Awakening Town is our open-ended, student-directed experience in which they can play at home without having an assignment launched by a teacher.

Students who are not accessing the Town from a teacher assignment can sign up for an Awakening account by going to app.legendsoflearning.com/login/students/choose. After students have signed up for an account or logged in with their standard login credentials, they will be taken to the Town.

Once students are in Awakening, first-time student students will start off in the Awakening School. In the School, students will create their Avatars and go through the tutorial to then access the Town via the schoolyard.

From the schoolyard, students will then need to navigate to the gondola to select the option to be transported over to the Awakening Town.

This student-directed experience gives students the cool features they have been requesting like avatar creation, battling, and quests. Students can engage in educational "combat" against enemy beasties and are rewarded for winning battles by answering content-related questions correctly.

In the Awakening Town, students can access an Arcade Room to play mini-games to help them brush up on their knowledge before entering into battles. As students move through the Town and interact with characters, they will encounter various battles.

Rewards for winning battles include coins that are used to purchase items such as avatar gear and furniture for their house in the Town. Additionally, some beasties may want to join a student's Squad if defeated in battle.

In the Town Square, students can test their knowledge by participating in the fun and exciting Quizzler Game Show.

In the Quizzler Game Show, students can play alone or with other student players. The students must answer Questions and Luck Rounds correctly in the game show to win coins! The questions students will have to answer in the game show correlate with the grade level and the subject they have selected within their Awakening accounts.

Students can also find engaging and educational minigames scattered throughout the Awakening Town, including Beastly Pizza and more!

The Awakening experience is a great way to re-engage students in Math and Science content. In addition, Awakening offers additional benefits to students, including:

  • Allowing students to engage in productive struggle

  • Allowing students to progress at their own pace until they have mastered the content

  • Providing students with experiences that they would not otherwise have access to in their everyday life


  • Students will be able to enter Awakening Town after 3 PM local time Monday through Friday and on the weekends by taking the gondola from the Schoolyard.

  • Students can also go to https://awakening.legendsoflearning.com/play or download Legends of Learning Awakening on iOS or Android to access the Town.

  • For a glossary of key terms and tips related to the Awakening game, see this article.

  • Teacher assignments are NOT currently available within the iPad App or Android app.

  • Legends of Learning Awakening is NOT compatible using a Safari browser at this time.

  • Teachers can monitor student progress and performance in Awakening through the Progression tab on the Reports page.

  • Battles serve as an educational component for students. During battles, students will encounter questions based on their grade level and the subject area they have selected within their account. Students will be presented with questions that progress them through the learning objective(s).

  • Once students score a total of 10 points in a topic, they are marked as proficient and have therefore “beat” that topic. Students receive 1 point for a correct answer, and lose ½ point for an incorrect answer.

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