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Math Basecamp: Quick Start Guide
Math Basecamp: Quick Start Guide

Get started with student math fact mastery in a snap!

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Follow the four steps below for the quickest and easiest way to get started with Legends of Learning’s Math Basecamp.

STEP 1: Teacher Sign In / Sign Up

If you’re new to Legends of Learning, sign up for a teacher account here:

If you already have a Legends of Learning account, sign in here:

Your district may already have a Single Sign On integration set up with us (premium users only). If so, use that integration to sign right in to Legends of Learning!

STEP 2: Add Students

Head to the Students & Groups page after signing in to Legends of Learning.

For districts and schools that have a rostering integration (Ex: Classlink) set up with Legends of Learning, your class lists will automatically populate upon signing in through the integration.

If your district or school uses Google Classroom or Canvas, you can import your students into your Legends of Learning account after signing in.

You can also manually add students by clicking +Student to add in your student roster.

STEP 3: Assign Focus Area

Click ‘Assign Focus Area’ under the Math Basecamp section of your left navigation menu.

Your options include A&S with addends from 0-9 or 0-10 and related subtraction facts, and M&D with factors from 0-9, 0-10, or 0-12 and related division facts.

Select the focus area for each student individually, or bulk assign a focus area for all students at once.

STEP 4: Let Students Play!

Have students navigate to: to log in or have them log in through the Single Sign On integration your district has set up.

Have students click your teacher code, or enter your teacher code if needed.

Students will then click ‘Start’ for the Math Basecamp assignment assigned to them.

Want to learn more about the student experience in Math Basecamp? Click here.

As you get comfortable using Math Basecamp with students, try out some of our more advanced features:

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